About Us

Fetch! manufactures and markets products for dogs and their owners. Our main product is Fetch! the world's best-selling throwstick. 

Fetch! is hand-tooled of rare Chinese pearwood, the same wood used in the manufacture of fine musical instruments.

The company also makes and markets attractive and durable dog collars and leashes.


Company History

The world’s best selling throwstick for dogs, Fetch! was product-and  market-tested prior to its debut in 2001.

Over 45 different woods were submitted to a panel of dog owners. Some were too soft, some splintery, some too chewy, some were simply unappealing. One wood, Chinese pearwood, which is used in the manufacture of fine musical instruments, was the overwhelming winner.  The same wood won conclusively with dogs in a multi-breed test: Pearwood was the overwhelming favorite.

A dozen designs were submitted to different dog-owner panels. The current design won conclusively with both dogs and their owners.  The designs tested ranged from simple branch pieces to elaborately-tooled artifacts.  The current design was the overwhelming favorite among both owners and their dogs.

Some dog owners report that they have a Fetch! for their dog and another in the house: an attractive wood sculpture. A dozen competitors have tried to replicate the Fetch! success; none has succeeded. The unique Fetch! design has been praised by artists and sculptors for its functional symmetry.

Fetch! received its US patent in May, 2001.  And it was awarded international registration under the Madrid protocol by The World Intellectual Property Organization on October 22, 2009.

Japan was selected for the Fetch! market-test because of its history of early adopters and the high density of dog-owning families. 

Fetch! is now available in three sizes: twelve inches, eight inches and six inches. More Fetch! information is available at www.fetchthrowstick.com.